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Book or e-Book?

If you are like many other readers you may prefer a conventional book that just feels right and has that traditional and aesthetically pleasing quality that makes reading so enjoyable. To some there is no substitute for a ‘proper’ book. However, times and technology move on and perhaps, fittingly for science fiction aficionados, and maybe for a younger adult generation in particular, there is more of a thrill to read on the latest technology. With Arle-Books you have that choice.

Savings on e-Books for Kindle

There are many advantages for choosing an e-book, not least of all the price. A C. S. Arle e-book with its lower production cost is brought to you at exceedingly generous discount for such top-notch material. Then there is the convenience of e-books to download onto Kindle devices with easy storage of content and virtually instant download purchase(s) made possible.

Other e-Book Devices

Also, e-books can be downloaded to read on various devices; but you should always check *compatibility and ensure you download correctly at the point of sale.

International Visitors

Here at Arle-Books, overseas visitors are catered for and e-books can be bought, via this site, in USA dollars and European euros with NO extra charge made by this site whatsoever! And on that note and to all customers and visitors here in the UK, and from overseas, it is hoped that you enjoy using this website -your passport to a memorable reading experience; with C. S. Arle’s truly remarkable sci-fi stories now available to you in e-book format.

*Please Note: It is up to the customer to check, and ensure, that downloads are compatible with their particular device(s).

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